- Seller shall do his best to accomplish shipping times and delivery as indicated on this website for each country. However, the Buyer agrees that these shipping times are only an approximation and such times may vary depending on:  the specific circumstances of shipment volume, circumstances on destination of delivery, special circumstances of the company responsible for the transport and delivery (including negligence part thereof), or any other beyond the Seller control.

- If delivery costs or shipping time are not issued on the web, the seller shall inform about them to the buyer via e -mail prior to order confirmation.

- Buyer will review and check the goods at the time of delivery. Any claims or complaints must be issued within 48 hours of receiving it, otherwise they will not be attended. Further, Buyer shall have 30 days to report any hidden defects found in the goods. After these time, the Buyer will lose any right to demand or present claims for this cause against Seller.

- It is a requirement for any change and / or claim to present the invoice and all documents relating to the transport of the product.

- No claims for damaged or defective products due to improper use or installation by the Buyer shall be accepted.

- In case of defective delivery, the Seller reserves the right to decide whether to send a new product to the buyer or if it reimburses the payment made at the moment of purchase.

- Once payment has been made, no sale is subject to cancellation. If the Buyer wishes to cancel an order once payment has been made, and upon acceptation of Seller, a cancellation fee of 5% of the total order (including costs of delivery, special packaging, or any other) will be applied by the Seller to the Buyer.

- The sale of goods by the Seller shall not transmit in any way any license under any patent relating to goods or their composition, and Buyer expressly assumes all risks of patent infringement by reason of use or its production, individually or in combination with other materials.

- Seller may designate a third party for total or partial subrogation of the rights and obligations of these conditions (for example the manufacturers of the goods) as long as these are not altered.

- Typographical and spelling errors in this document shall not affect its validity.

- In case of discrepancy between Castilian texts and texts in any language related to the sale of goods, Castilian text shall prevail.

- In case of dispute that may appear in the relationship between seller and buyer, they will be subject to the Spanish law. The parties expressly waive any other forum or jurisdiction to which they may be entitled to and agree to submit to the courts of Valencia for any difference or dispute relating to the validity , interpretation , implementation or enforcement of the Terms and Conditions of Sale , as well as acts or transactions contemplated therein.
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